Ekphrasis.pics is a run as part of the art & design BA and MRes courses at Writtle University College, Chelmsford, UK.
As part of their studies all students have to submit and have accepted, one post per year. Writtle staff will lead from the front by posting the odd thing too.
We’re anxious, however, to try and make this a general place where people can look/see/think/write about things visual.
To submit send your submission to the email address below as a word document and a separate jpg image, with the header ‘ekphrasis submission’. Each post should contain a single image and some writing (between 250 – 750 words) about it. The idea of ekphrasis, close looking and thinking about a single visual instance, is a kind of anchor point but we won’t reject interesting writing in any style or perspective. In particular we encourage fictional or poetic responses. Surprise us.

Michael Szpakowski


twitter: @mjszpakowski